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Pumping At Work Bag

I know what people are thinking when they see me walking with my pumping bag. Like, oh my gosh, that lady is so sporty and cute with her little bag! I bet she’s on her way to yoga and is going to change into her Lululemon outfit and drink sparkling spring water and listen to an NPR podcast while she walks there. No way is that a breastfeeding mother on her way to pump, I refuse to believe it!

If you’re planning on pumping at work, you’ll need a stocked pumping bag to carry all your goodies. Below are my recommendations for what to keep in your bag. See my post about Pumping at Work for more!


1. A Sturdy Bag If you have to go a decent distance to your pumping room at work, or carrying your pump between work


and home, a good bag is a worth-while investment. There are many bags on the market that are made specifically for pumps. I chose to go with an athletic, discrete bag rather than a made-for-pumping bag because I knew I would be walking around with the bag on my shoulder, including taking it to meetings. Look for a bag with a sturdy, wide bottom, a zipper or secure top, and good straps to support the heavy pump. I would also recommend a washable bag. Cuz drips.


2. All pump parts If you’re bringing your pump back and forth between work and home regularly, you may want to invest in spare pump parts so that you can leave a set at work full time. I like to wrap up the tubing and store it in the pump case. 

3. Cleaning materials If your pumping area doesn’t have paper towels or wipes, keep them in your bag. You’ll want a clean, dry surface area for your parts and bottles. You may also want to keep pump cleaning soap in your bag to rinse out parts right after pumping. Medela Quick Clean Breast Pump and Accessory Wipes, 24 Count Medela Wipes are also super handy to have for those times when you can’t get to a sink right away. 

4. Bottles FOR GOODNESS SAKE don’t forget the bottles! I forgot bottles one day and sheer panic ensued. I got sweaty, my heart started racing, and I started seeing floaters. Now I keep a box of freezer bags at work juuuuuuuust in case I forget bottles. 


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