Breastfeeding Essentials: Treat The Tatas Right!

Let’s discuss the breastfeeding, working-over-time boobies.

They’re going to be oh-so-large, oh-so-in-charge, and oh-so-VERY-off-limits to anything other than your baby’s lips. The tatas will be working overtime for a few months, so having the right gear and supplies will be essential – as they say, happy boobies, happy mommy, amiright?

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During Pregnancy

Providing support to your changing breasts begins in pregnancy, and it’s a great time to invest in bras that will last you through breastfeeding. Here’s what you need for pregnancy breast comfort:

Stretch mark lotion: As your breasts grow, your skin will likely be itchy or feel tight. Stretch mark lotion seems to pack a little more punch than regular lotion. I loved Palmer’s lotion with Vitamin D.

Nursing bras: Rather than spending a lot of money on larger, regular bras, consider jumping right into nursing bras. You may also want to get a few nursing sleep bras too to provide extra comfort at night between feeding sessions.

Supportive sports bras: If you’re planning on doing any type of physical activity throughout pregnancy and beyond, you may need to upgrade your sports bras to something larger and more supportive.

In the hospital

There are a few items you’ll want to have read to go as you begin to nurse your new babe.

Lanolin: This is magical cream that you’ll want to lather alllllll over your nips after every feeding session. It will save you from cracked, painful nipples, and is safe for babies too. I’ve tried Medela, Lansinoh, and Target brand, and I think they’re all equivalent.

Nursing tank tops: These provide easy access while still giving you privacy. I really like Gap, or the more economical Old Navy nursing tanks, and check out Target as well. You’ll probably want to pair with a zip up jacket or soft, casual cardigan. That was my maternity leave costume, and what I still wear on weekends now. Plus, you can wear them as regular camis after you’re done nursing.

When you get home:

Disposable nursing pads: You may be a leaky little boob faucet, especially in the early days of breastfeeding. These protect your bras or tank tops from getting drenched, both for comfort and decency. Most brands are sticky on one side, not unlike a sanitary pad.  I really like the Lansinoh brand – I found them to be the most comfortable for my sore nipples.

Reusable nursing pads: For a more eco-friendly form of protection, you can buy a few sets of reusable nursing pads. You just wash, dry, and re-wear these. However, I found that even the overnight pads were not absorbent enough for my strong let down and early morning leaks. I do like that these are softer, and I do use them on occasion, but beware you may not be able to use these until your supply regulates.

I hope this list helps you decide what to buy for breastfeeding! Let me know what else you love that I should add!

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