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Valentine’s For Day Care

Valentine’s Day is so….annoyingly adorable now that I have a kid. I used to think it was sooooo (oogly googly eye) romantic, and then I began to realize it was over-hyped and commercialized, like all other holidays.

And then I had a kid.

And became that mom who wants to create traditions at every turn, as well as show up to day care looking like a lot less of a hot mess than I typically feel.

So, I was super excited to stumble upon this Valentine’s Day idea for the kiddos at day care that is:

1. non-candy/food/day care APPROVED

2. super cheap

3. super easy, even for the craftfully challenged

4. super CUTE!

This cost a whole $3 for 16 total (I already had the paper so I’m not counting that), and took about 20 minutes total to make. Big wins all around!


Here’s the run down:

I found this awesome printable for free at Paper Trail Design, downloaded it, and made 4 copies on regular pink paper. I quick cut them out and glued them to a dark pink card stock, and then cut those out.

If you skip the double layering step and print directly onto card stock, the cards will be small enough for the glasses to actually wrap around the paper. I didn’t realize this until after. Because of course I didn’t.






Then, for the glasses, I found these glasses at Target (duh, where else?)  for THREE DOLLA HOLLA! It really doesn’t get much better. Except, I’m a little off-put by the grey and black glasses, but I think I’ll somehow find the strength to move on.

To finish the cards, I just taped the glasses between the text. Ta-dah! A craft that I didn’t mess up!

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