Easy Breakfast for Breastfeeding Moms

Breast-feeding mommas need breakfast, and they NEED IT NOW!

Eating for two actually starts after the baby is born  – no one warned me of the breastfeeding HANGRY that strikes often, and it strikes hard. I knew that breastfeeding burned a lot of calories, but I didn’t realize that 500 calories a day would translate into being fine one minute, and then feeling fainty and sweary the next.

This breakfast has everything – it’s quick and easy, it has carbs and protein and fruit, and it uses oatmeal and flax seed to help milk supply. You can make it each morning, or make a big batch for the fridge so it’s ready to go with hunger strikes. You can eat it hot or cold too!

The basic ingredients, plus some substitution possibilities are listed below. Also, I don’t measure things, so give it the eyeball test and cross your fingers.



Oatmeal, quick oats – for a big batch of refrigerator oats, sub old fashioned oats

Raspberries – save for after the microwave if you find warm raspberries disturbing. also works great with blueberries or blackberries, and can be frozen from a bag if you can’t get good fresh berries or you can’t deal with that shit

Chia seeds = i bought a smaller bag from the self-serve part of the grocery store. was a little more economical

Flax seed –   I believe flax seed to be the magic boob milk elixir. I totally notice a significant increase in supply when i add flax to my breakfast. I really like this Spectrum brand I found on Amazon because it has little bits of dried fruit which makes me feel super healthy and antioxidant-y.

Walnuts – or any nuts, but you gotta have some protein in your breakfast if you want to make it the next hour without needing breakfast #2.

Milk – I prefer almond milk, but use any kind you like.

If you need a little more flavor or sweetness try honey, chopped dates, or cinnamon.

Heat it up, serve it cold, make it single servings, make a big batch, whatever suits your needs.

Put all in a bowl and mix and shovel in your mouth as fast as possible.

Definitely goes well with a fresh cup of coffee.


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